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Your knife is necessary, but not sufficient. Always collect what's useful. Reject only your ignorance and you may survive.

tripinadva в образе Алисы.  Фотосет по брутальной игре от American McGee,

автор фото http://kvakeromaniac.livejournal.com/

This unique watch stops time for a time. Unlike death, time moves on. Those who stood still with time move on also unless they're dead.

Please don't dawdle, Alice. We're very late indeed!

I am destined to battle the Red Queen. The outcome is uncertain.

Save myself? From death - is that it? Is that why I've come here? I'm not afraid to die. Times' I've welcomed death.

Curiosity can kill I suppose; but apathy is lethal.

The Queen accused me of murdering time. Very wrong. I have another object in mind.

If you knew time as well as I, you wouldn't dream of wasting it.

Wondering alone is worthless. I must act.

Curiouser and Curiouser...

Who Am I?

It's impolite to keep royalty waiting. But the price of good manners may be too high. This Queen's a real bitch.

A fine mess – comes from chatting with a Rabbit.

A dream discarded dies hard.

52 pickup is a staple of juvenile humor. But when the deck slices and dices, it's no laughing matter.

Why are you playing this game?

Every picture tells a story. Sometimes we don't like the ending. Sometimes we don't understand it.



Россия без Путена и Навального!


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13 май, 2009 08:17 (UTC)
довольно таки уныло. лучше вот это посмотрите: http://malice-alice.livejournal.com/286839.html
13 май, 2009 08:19 (UTC)
Фоты нормальные если от Алисы абстрагироваться, а если именно как Алиса - то слабовато.
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