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Sonar:  Other Side of Mirror. Part 2

Алиса в лодке

Other Side of Mirror
Интерпретация книги "Алиса в Зазеркалье" Л. Кэрролла работы фотографа Sonar
Часть первая здесь

17 Meet the White Queen.

The White Queen only looked at her in a helpless frightened sort of way, and kept repeating something in a whisper to herself that sounded like 'bread-and-butter, bread-and-butter,' and Alice felt that if there was to be any conversation at all, she must manage it herself. So she began rather timidly: 'Am I addressing the White Queen?

Model: Jonquil

18 Meet the White Queen

The White Queen only looked at her in a helpless frightened sort of way, and kept repeating something in a whisper to herself that sounded like 'bread-and-butter, bread-and-butter,' and Alice felt that if there was to be any conversation at all, she must manage it herself. So she began rather timidly: 'Am I addressing the White Queen?

19 Meet the White Queen

It would have been all the better, as it seemed to Alice, if she had got some one else to dress her, she was so dreadfully untidy. 'Every single thing's crooked,' Alice thought to herself, 'and she's all over pins!--may I put your shawl straight for you?' she added aloud.

'I don't know what's the matter with it!' the Queen said, in a
melancholy voice. 'It's out of temper, I think. I've pinned it here, and I've pinned it there, but there's no pleasing it!'

20 The boat and the rushes

Note: Fullview to see he raindrops in the air.

So the boat was left to drift down the stream as it would, till it
glided gently in among the waving rushes. And then the little sleeves were carefully rolled up, and the little arms were plunged in elbow-deep to get the rushes a good long way down before breaking them off--and for a while Alice forgot all about the Sheep and the knitting, as she bent over the side of the boat, with just the ends of her tangled hair dipping into the water--while with bright eager eyes she caught at one bunch after another of the darling scented rushes.

21 Humpty Dumpty ..............

This work requires some explanatory words. Humpty Dumpty is pretty much language science-addicted person. Cynical and rude man of high intelligence, if you want. These ideas I tried to implement here (for instance, he wears university doctor's garments). The book he holds in his arms is the one seen on the right side of the diptych. I found that book while exploring a certain abandoned house in the beginning of summer. It's about language philosophy, very hard-to-read, but full of thoroughly done hand-written comments in the gutter. So I wonder if the reader of such difficult-to-understand book was modern Humpty-Dumpty. In any case, Alice found this person quite "unsatisfactory"!

'Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall:
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.
All the King's horses and all the King's men
Couldn't put Humpty Dumpty in his place again.'

22 Humpty Dumpty ..............

Evidently Humpty Dumpty was very angry, though he said nothing for a minute or two. When he DID speak again, it was in a deep growl.

'It is a--MOST--PROVOKING--thing,' he said at last, 'when a person doesn't know a cravat from a belt!'

'I know it's very ignorant of me,' Alice said, in so humble a tone that Humpty Dumpty relented.

'It's a cravat, child, and a beautiful one, as you say. It's a present from the White King and Queen. There now!'

23 Meet the Mad Hatter,  Шляпник

They placed themselves close to where Hatta, the other messenger, was standing watching the fight, with a cup of tea in one hand and a piece of bread-and-butter in the other.

'He's only just out of prison, and he hadn't finished his tea when he was sent in,' Haigha whispered to Alice: 'and they only give them oyster-shells in there--so you see he's very hungry and thirsty. How are you, dear child?' he went on, putting his arm affectionately round Hatta's neck.

Hatta looked round and nodded, and went on with his bread and butter.

24 Mad Hatter

'Were you happy in prison, dear child?' said Haigha.

Hatta looked round once more, and this time a tear or two trickled down his cheek: but not a word would he say.

'Speak, can't you!' Haigha cried impatiently. But Hatta only munched away, and drank some more tea.

25 26 White Knight and is battle horse

A Very important character of the story. The only one who really loved the Alice. Some Caroll interpreters think that the prototype of this character was the author himself.
Special thanks for the armor goes to Aspid.

'Now one can breathe more easily,' said the Knight, putting back his shaggy hair with both hands, and turning his gentle face and large mild eyes to Alice. She thought she had never seen such a strange-looking soldier in all her life.

He was dressed in tin armor, which seemed to fit him very badly, and he had a queer-shaped little deal box fastened across his shoulder, upside-down, and with the lid hanging open. Alice looked at it with great curiosity.

Model: V.

27 The Invention

'Have you invented a plan for keeping the hair from being blown off?' Alice enquired.

'Not yet,' said the Knight. 'But I've got a plan for keeping it from FALLING off.'

'I should like to hear it, very much.'

'First you take an upright stick,' said the Knight. 'Then you make your hair creep up it, like a fruit-tree. Now the reason hair falls off is because it hangs DOWN--things never fall UPWARDS, you know. It's a plan of my own invention. You may try it if you like.'

28 Before the Advance ..............

Of all the strange things that Alice saw in her journey Through The Looking-Glass, this was the one that she always remembered most clearly. Years afterwards she could bring the whole scene back again, as if it had been only yesterday--the mild blue eyes and kindly smile of the Knight--the setting sun gleaming through his hair, and shining on his armour in a blaze of light that quite dazzled her--the horse quietly moving about, with the reins hanging loose on his neck, cropping the grass at her feet--and the black shadows of the forest behind--all this she took in like a picture, as, with one hand shading her eyes, she leant against a tree, watching the strange pair, and listening, in a half dream, to the melancholy music of the song.

29 An Advance ....

A long walk from the Pawn to Queen, a magical transformation... What exactly has been changed in Alice? Her true self has...

30 The Black King

The role of Black King is really small in the book about Alice... Actually all he does is sleeping, but the question Caroll asks is: who dreamed this story: Alice? or maybe Black King? This introduces an interesting philosophic aspect of the book.

Model: sonar

31 The Black King .

'Now, Kitty, let's consider who it was that dreamed it all. This is a serious question, my dear, and you should NOT go on licking your paw like that--as if Dinah hadn't washed you this morning! You see, Kitty, it MUST have been either me or the Black King. He was part of my dream, of course--but then I was part of his dream, too! WAS it the Red King, Kitty? You were his wife, my dear, so you ought to know--Oh, Kitty, DO help to settle it! I'm sure your paw can wait!'

Models: Sonar, Maya

Алиса - Maya Charlotte
Red Queen-  ~d1sarmon1a
White Queenl - Jonquil
Tweedledum And Tweedledee - Ilona and Yana
Humpty Dumpty - Eriс
Mad Hatter - Twiddy
White Knight - V.
The Black King - sonar trust_every_1



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